• LRUT A-Scan

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) is an ultrasonic technique to allow screening of long ranges of piping and identify areas of corrosion and erosionĀ  for further evaluations using other NDT methods. LRUT uses low frequency guided waves which are transmitted from a ring of transducers mounted on a collar. Each transducer on its own will generate a flexural wave. When all the transducers oscillate/vibrate in unison an symmetrical wave is produced which will be transmitted through both sides of the LRUT collar. When there is an area of corrosion, the decreased area of the pipe will create scattering of the incident waves in addition to reflection and mode conversion will occur. The reflected mode-converted waves will cause the waves to flex and be detected by the transducers.

Applications for LRUT are for inspecting:

  • Terminal pipelines
  • Cross country pipelines
  • Long in plant process pipes
  • Buried section pipes
  • Road crossing
  • Offshore risers


LRUT saves time and cost to inspect 100% of the pipelines by allowing to inspect non-accessible areas, and not having to remove all insulation of the pipeline. Contact us for more detailed explanation from our specialists!